Frequently Asked Question

What kind of Financing do you have?

We offer several long term financing packages including 7, 12, 15 and 20 year programs. We also have lease options for businesses.

Do I need a C.D.L. to drive a Mountain Master?

Each state varies on this subject, however most states require only an endorsement rather than a C.D.L. Discuss these options with your salesman, you may want to register your truck in a different state!

How much does it cost to insure a Mountain Master?

Mountain Master has special insurance companies that cater to recreational vehicle truck uses. On average, good drivers report $600-$800 per year.

Do you have a source to help me sell my old truck?

Yes, we have several buyers and dealers we work with to help sell/consign your vehicle.

What is the difference between Mountain Master and other conversion companies?

Mountain Master is the only TRUE CONVERSION COMPANY. We are the ONLY converter that covers all the conversion rules:

  • Workmanship, materials, all aluminum construction and the ONLY removable/replaceable body panels in the industry.
  • The ONLY converter in Kelley Blue Book. This insures value, financing and insurance in the years to come.
  • The ONLY, Build Your Own Truck, program offering side and top access storage options. You only pay for the options you want!

Do I have to pay Arizona tax if I am not a resident?

No, in fact most of our customers are from out of State. We issue you an out of state delivery. You can register and pay taxes in whatever state you choose, other than Arizona.

What happens if I get in an accident, will my insurance company cover the conversion?

Yes, Mountain Master is recognized by Kelley Blue Book. With a 10-year track record, even if you lose your entire truck, the Insurance Company can give the full value for your truck and conversion!

If I want to sell my Mountain Master can I get used truck financing down the road?

Yes, thanks to our reputation in Kelley Blue Book, lenders can finance our trucks used. This makes it easier to sell to a broader market of buyers. Imagine trying to buy a $75,000 truck without financing!

How does Mountain Master keep their storage bins dust and moisture free?

Mountain Master invented a storage drying system that pumps air into the storage compartments forcing a positive pressure on each compartment. This forces all dust and moisture out of the compartment.

Why does Mountain Master have such a noticeably, smoother ride?

The engineers at Mountain Master realize that commercial truck airbags, which come on most medium duty trucks, are designed for loads up to 20,000 pounds. Mountain Master and Firestone combined efforts, designed a custom airbag especially for Mountain Master Trucks. This Custom Bag is engineered for lighter loads, such as: loading the bed with cargo, hooking-up to a horse trailer or hauling R.V. fifth wheels. Our competitors use concrete or steel behind the axle as an attempt to accomplish the same results. Unfortunately they only hurt fuel economy and your G.C.W.R. by raising the total weight of the truck.

What is the G.V.W.R. vs. G.C.W.R.?

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the maximum weight that can go on the truck itself without a trailer. On a Mountain Master this is 19,500 Pounds.

Gross Combined Weight Rating is the maximum weight your truck and trailer together can pull. On a Mountain Master we recommend 33,000 pounds to stay F.E.T. Compliant.

How long has Mountain Master been in business?

Mountain Master was incorporated in 1997. Family owned and operated in Phoenix Arizona, Mountain Master prides itself in superior conversions with exceptional value.

How can Mountain Master offer such amazing value?

Mountain Master manufactures everything in its own production facility, eliminating the middle-man. This allows us to offer the best quality at the lowest price. Don’t be fooled by companies that offer tow truck bodies or contractor beds. These generic beds have little or no storage and virtually no value in the used market.

Why does Mountain Master powder coat, instead of painting all body panels?

If you are not familiar with powder coating, it is a hard plastic coating that is baked on using an oven to the aluminum panels. This finish is far more durable and longer lasting. It’s also easy to paint, should you need to repair. Mountain Master is able to offer this, because of its removable replaceable body panel system. This allows us to pre-coat every panel before it goes on the beds sub-frame.